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Monday, 5 June 2017

Top 10 Key points You must know when you write a resume or CV download top 10 Resume Template

Top 10 Key points You must know when you write a resume or CV download top 10 Resume Template

Now  a days every one have the degree but can not hire or did not get any call for job this is main thing fresher and experienced jobseaker facing this problem. This is only because of your resume.
because resume is the first impression to the employee if you have a good resume than definitely you have a better chance to get hire.

Top 10 Key points You must know when you write a resume jobalarm

Here in this post i will tell you what you should mention or witch things you have to mention in your resume . And how to make resume more preventable to the employer.
some time people think many pages resume is good, no big resume is not good because interviewer don't have so much time to read in details.

Just follow the Following Top 10 Points to make the resume better:-----

1st :----  Make resume Professional
                                                         Resume is a professional document so you need to maintain it professional. You should not use Funny picture in resume also do not use funny Email Id etc.
if you want to pest  a image in resume it should be a professional dress not in causal dress or causal picture.

2nd:----  Make a Targeted and To the Point
                                                                    In your resume newer write too much words just write the to the point and also only mention  things which your employer want. Because employer always see that what you can do for them what you know so write to the point and clear all things witch you know well. do not write too many things witch are not related to the employer.

3rd:----- Make self promoted Skilled resume
                                                                      Resume a document throw witch you are selling your skills so you need to make a self promoted resume. always write the all skills witch you know and describe the all skills. Remember, your resume needs to focus on your key skills and achievements. Words such as “hard worker,” “reliable” and “ambitious” can have a more detrimental effect on your resume as these words are seen as adding no value to the resume.

4th:--- Write Every thing in a manner
                                                        every thing you describe should be in a manner should be font head line font size etc are good. easy to visible and do not overwrite or messy words also use professional words. you should mention all required  things.

5th:-- Make resume Tailored 
                                             every organization have different profile different  working process so make your resume Tailored.Ask yourself, “What job am I going for, and does my resume have the skills and strengths required to present to my future employer?” Tailoring your resume to the specific job you’re going for will show the hiring manager you are serious about working for their organization.

6th:--- Make Quality resume not Quantity resume
                                                                              If your resume have many pages it doesn't mean that you got a chance , because no body have time to ready so much lengthy resume. so always make a quality resume and to the point resume. newer repeat word or things again and again.

7th:--- Keep resume Simple as you can
                                                           this is very important thing some peoples make a decorated resume witch is not good you need to keep your resume just simple and preventable. do not use messy designs templates to write resume.

8th:-- Resume should be spelling free and No grammatical error 
                                                                                                    Your resume should be grammatical error free, you can use google translator for correcting errors. always resume should be in para graph or poined headlines.

9th:--- Make a consistent resume
                                                    Be sure your resume is written in a commonsense way—in order, logical, and easy to read. Be consistent throughout your resume with your margins, fonts, and line spacing. Don’t be scared to accentuate your skills or achievements with a different style of font or by using a bold font (but remember keep it simple. There is a fine line of going overboard when using different font styles). Consistency shows professionalism

10th:---- Do not write money or other things
                                                                   Newer write the package information in your resume its make a bad impression on the employer.

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